IoT Installations

‘William Farrell Limited specialise in Smart Buildings, delivering an Internet of Things (IoT) solution to customers giving greater control, increasing efficiency and helping to achieve sustainability goals.

Starting with a sensor and a platform to analyse building data, our systems provide smart energy solutions for commercial and healthcare facilities saving our clients up to 70% in energy costs while improving comfort and space utilisation of the workspaces.

Rea time data is used to make smarter decisions in managing lighting, HVAC, space and safety by connecting 1000s of sensors into a wireless network constantly gathering data including occupancy, temperature, light levels and ID tracking.

William Farrell Limited has installed thousands of sensors to date in Ireland with a growing demand for reducing our carbon footprint driving the change to smarter buildings. With our knowledge of LEED, BC(A)R and BIM we can offer full design, installation, commissioning and maintenance to  deliver successful smart buildings’.