• client Oracle EMEA
  • location Dublin 3
  • project timeframe 3 Year Maintenance Contract
  • consulting engineer WFL
  • project value €450,000.00

Project Specifications

Oracle EMEA Eastpoint comprises a business atmosphere with a city centre location and operates from a total of seven buildings within the business park. Each building consists of it’s own specified services which require Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) and upgrade works as required on an annual basis. Oracle EMEA, being one of the market leaders in Big Data, require a high level of service to keep their business running optimally. With this in mind, their electrical services and life safety systems are monitored closely and strategically to ensure any unnecessary downtime is kept to a minimum.

WFL is engaged to manage and provide all electrical services maintenance throughout the occupied buildings while dealing closely with the facilities team and co-ordinating with respective incumbent contractors. The services we provide to Oracle include:

  • Annual Simulation of Mains Power Failure
  • Generator Maintenance
  • Emergency Lighting Testing & Maintenance
  • Annual Testing of Sockets
  • PAT Testing
  • Fire Alarm Testing & Maintenance
  • Fire Suppression System Testing & Maintenance
  • Leak Detection Testing & Maintenance
  • Fire Extinguisher Servicing
  • Comms Room Integrity Testing
  • Annual Bell Testing
  • Traffic Barrier Maintenance
  • UPS Servicing & Maintenance
  • MV Switchgear Testing
  • Lift Servicing
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Data Centre Power Monitoring

More details can be found in our facilities management segment which can be accessed via the below link.

Facilities Management